Residence Moela - Umag

Umag is a small coastal town located on the west coast of Istria in Croatia. They are known for their beautiful seaside scenery, crystal clear sea and rich historical heritage. The town has the charm of an old Mediterranean settlement with narrow cobbled streets, stone houses and preserved medieval walls.

Early in the morning, when the sun rises, you can experience the peaceful and picturesque atmosphere of Umag. You can walk along the harbor where you will see fishing boats and yachts rocking on the waves. You might be lucky enough to catch the moment when fishermen come in with their catch or spot locals walking along the shore.

You can go for a walk in the city center and admire architectural sights such as churches, palaces and the Vela Gate tower. The city is also known for its historical sights, among which is the ancient necropolis, which testifies to the long history of this area.

Umag is also a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches. You can take a morning bath or take a walk along the shore and enjoy the fresh sea air. You can also admire the beauty of nature nearby, as Umag is surrounded by lush green forests and olive groves.


Early morning in Umag is a time of silence, peace and beauty. It is the perfect opportunity to relax, reflect or simply enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of this beautiful coastal town.



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